Saturday, October 24, 2009

First Boot Camp from CBEUG

Hello Everyone !
 I am happy that i was a part of the MSP Boot Camp held at Coimbatore. I would like to say a few of my delightful experience as a MSP among the group. I was really excited to be a party of it. Well Here goes my post.

It was morning 9.30 and got a call from Indhuja stating that she was near the venue and she asked me to be there to the venue soon. Well I was still in the bathtub taking a peaceful bath and said her that i will be there in 2 min. After a 20 min of time gap, I was flinging with my bike near central theater and found a fine number of MSPs standing and waiting for all to gather around the venue.....

The Agenda for the day was
9 30 AM - 10 00 AM
Ice Breaking Session 10 00 AM - 11 00 PM
MSP Program 11 00 PM - 12 00 PM
Lunch 12 00 PM - 1 30 PM (The saddest part, the seniors left us off the PizzaHut)
CBEUG Structure 1 30 PM - 2 30 PM
Exclusive Session for New
MSPs on how to achieve targets 2 30 PM - 3 30 PM
Feedback and Interaction 3 30 PM - 4 00 PM

There came our Lead Mr.Abhishek with a huge smile in his face and introduced himself to the crowd. After some chat, we were redirected into the ZOOM Consultancy where the BootCamp was to be organized. The first thing I was to  learn  there was the way of interaction one should have in the Official & Unoffical Environment.  We had an ICE-BREAKING Session, where the criteria was to interact with each other. Everyone should come onto the diece and say 10 points about them-self of which 5 should be wrong and 5 should be the right one. It was a gud fun there even though  time consuming.

Mr.Abhishek & Mr.Armugham said us a few lot more points the MSP Program, they were really adorable that they spoke in such a friendly manner. While the presentations were on the go, we had an un-expected Shutdown of power. Errrrrrrr. I wished it continued.He gave us some of their experience as a MSP and left us for the LUNCH !
Now i am here for Lunch @ home and gotta be there by 1.30 ! 
Be Right Back ! 
I went there in for the After-lunch session, and the damn current was to be schedule at 14.00 Hrs and it came only by 15.00 Hrs. It was frustrating, to sit there. But we managed ourselves to get back on the session. He was talking all about the hierarchy of the MSPs & ADEs and such stuffs... He told more about MANY MSPs from various parts of India. 

They showed us a bunch of Pics of their MSP life which really inspired us a lot. After all those kinda stuffs There was a light among the swindle, the eye garbing Windows 7 Launch Party... It was really fun giving pose for it. The ever funniest part of all he gave us all some exciting goodies, never the less it was the Windows 7 printed Tissue Paper. I will never forget those... Then he gave Indhuja a Windows 7 Bag for being the only and only female stuff down the Camp and gave me a Windows 7 Bag for being the top scorer among the new MSPs.... 
Then we had a sharing of resources session followed by a waving & everyone left with a huge smile in their faces... 

Thanks a lot to all these senior, who were instrumental in conducting this CBEUG-BootCamp. That was really fun & lovable....... I loved it the professional way.         
Let me tell you all something even more... To know the difference between senior MSPs and new MSPs just have a look at the professionalism at Abhishek`s Blog & my blog. I will tell myself to be a good MSP only when i start blogging like him., Hats off to him