Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quiz @ SNV

Hi Friends.,
                          Initially I would like to apologize for my late blogging of this particular activity. Many had been asking me for this event`s blog to know the success story.And here it goes.....
This was conducted on the day of Windows 7 Launch & it had a awesome response from the students Community of Sri Nehru Vidyalaya. On the 22nd October, 2009 I got a call from the Program coordinator, Mr.R.J.Santhosh Kumar stating that i had been asked by the authorities of the school to take session on the day of release at the time of 10:00 AM. It was a pinch of sugar for me and I just prepared few slides for it and got some assistants from my friends and started for the School. It was morning 9:00 AM and i went to the school. It was really disappointing to find that it was a POWER CUT in that area and will be back only at 1:00 PM. I was really kicked off with that power cut and returned home. I was called at 12:00 PM, stating that I have to be there by 12:30 and make some arrangement for the projector.. hmmmmm Problems are just dust in the MSP Life... I just started the Program after many hurdles........

  This is a event which i missed to blog last week, amidst the busy schedule (sleeping & eating). This is nothing but about a simple Mega Quiz Program conducted in Sri Nehru Vidyalaya, Well known for its Rowdyism(i was one among the gang that time).

                The Program was scheduled @ 10.00am on the day of Windows 7 Launch ! ... Yhea ! true ... it was on 22nd October !.... But unfortunately due to the poor current facility provided by the TNEB we had to shift the program to 12.30. Well thank god, they did not cut the current that time... As usual after may hurdles, i started the session with a small introduction on Windows 7 and a kind of Launch Party Stuff !

The Quiz program was all about Microsoft & some technical questions. I split up the Program into 5 divisions as of in which it was as follows:-

1.       First round – 5 teams  (I.T Round) – 10 questions
2.       Second round – 5 teams (Microsoft)- 10 questions
3.       Third round – 4 teams(Audio Round)- 4 questions
4.       Fourth round – 3 teams (Visual Round)- 3 questions
5.       Fifth round – 3 teams (Rapid Fire Round)- 9 questions 

I called for the students i was stunned to get 100 participants & I was amazed ! ... I did not know what to do ... I just called for my friend and asked her to ask some general preliminary questions for selection of 5 teams.... It eat up half an hour & it was already 1.30............ I had to vacate the hall by 3.30... Finally the teams were selected with a huge applause and sent to the deice...