Sunday, November 8, 2009

my Account compromised !

                    Can anyone believe that my Orkut account was hacked ??? Yes eventually it was hacked... Here i go with that head breaking story.... It was the rainy day of 8th November, 2009 I got the news that the new orkut has been released and was happy over it.. I also got a sad news that it can be enabled only with a invitation from NEW ORKUT users ;). I went googling googling gooogling over it.

                   Finally got a list of communities in orkut where it was said that i could get invitations for the new orkut. I was trapped in this community named as New Orkut Official. i just logged into it and joined the community and had to post and play many games to win it. there was a post in that saying that there were some rules to be followed before i could be invited to the new orkut ! ... Like a dumb fool, i too feel into that convey ! ... See those FCUKING RULES...

Rules and steps

1- Join this community (Happily I did that  )
2- Add the community`s owner  (Merely I loved that)
If you break any rule then you will not be invited .

                    Then in a few minutes i was logged off from that community, then orkut, then gmail ., then total Google Services ! ... I never expected such a thing to happen. I created a new alternative account and logged to that community again & reported abuse about that site... That sult was too crazy enough to delete all my password recovery credentials on the whole. I was unable to reset my password... After long battle., I mail the Google HQ stating that my account was compromised  & I require Justice.... i then was interrogated with a bunch of questions (if it was to be ma school or college i would have stub them with a knif). I got a mail from the Google saying that i am granted access to my account with a new password. Thanks to the Google HQ.

After that, the craze for the NEW ORKUT did not leave me. I logged into other community named Get the New Orkut. And stove hard to get that invitation from Akash कुमार thanks to him. He gave me a invite to the new orkut & now I have this symbol to ma account ;)

and now you see ma profile to he like this ;)

As of now, I like this New Orkut, but there are problems in accessing the communities & other things... But still i prefer the old version of orkut ;) See you all 3@)<| with other post bubye