Wednesday, October 21, 2009

­Cloud­ Comp­uting­ Tech­nolog­y

So now most of you people are quite pissed up in technology. So you might be thorough with some concepts of Software Engineering. Different types of process models and everything. Lets get down to some serious technology of tomorrow pushing today's technology somewhat back. 

Cloud computing joins in ranks of terms including grid computing, utility computing, virtualization, clustering, etc. In last year, Cloud computing term got famous and started ahead of grid computing, ultility computing and distributed computing. Huge companies like MIcrosoft, IBM and Google put a their hands on this technology. Most of the companies still making researches in field of cloud computing.

Further a cloud computing can be stated as a combination of:
1.      SaaS – Software As A Service
2.      PaaS – Platfom As A Service
3.      IaaS – Infrasturture As A Service
Believeing that you has some knowledge about these concepts. If you want to read about this concepts I am mentioning links to these things below in the references section. This will clear your concepts at basic level.

Cloud computing is a technology which provides Software as well as a service to that software. It also provides a particular platform as a service. While you can user the infrastructure as a service from a cloud computing technology provider.
Clod computing can be of two types public or private. Public cloud computing is available publically on Internet. Amazon Web Services is the largest public cloud computing provider. While private cloud conputing provides services to limited number of people. It may be proprietary networks or a data center.

Software as service is a  front-end interaction with service provider to use its hardware infrastructure. These services can be anything from web-mail to data processing
Platform as a service is a cloud a set of software as well as services which is defined on the server of a service provider.   Applications can be created by developers on the service providers platform over an internet.
In Infrastructure as a service a provider provides with a virtual server instances with unique IP address and an blocks of storage on demand, while customers can use its API (Application Programming Interface) to start, stop or manage these storage.

Some of the key characteristics of cloud computing are :
1.       Cost are reduced upto great extent.
2.       User can enjoy device and location independence
3.       Technology could be quite reliable for business purposes
4.       Improves scalability
5.       Technology can be secured to used due to increased security focused resources and centralisation of data
Still lots of research is going on in cloud computing. For further references you can go through links I stated below: