Thursday, October 15, 2009

Session on Windows LIve & Live@Edu

Hi flocks,
  Good to see you all back after a three day gap. Today was a fascinating day for me. I had to attend a online conference of the MSPs in India and has to hurry up will all by job schedule. Today was the last class to be attend in this semester which reminded me that i have my semester exams to be studied... Let it be my part...

 For these two days I conducted two sessions one was on Windows Live & Live@Edu and other was on Windows 7 vs Windows Vista.

Session Details:-
Windows Live& Live@Edu(13-10-2009):-
This is my first session as a MSP. I had conducted more than 100 sessions like this and this was something news which made me feel the pride as a Microsoft Student Partner. The session was planned actually in the morning session and eventually conducted in the afternoon session. The session was attended by the Final Year students from the Department of Computer Applications and Software Systems., Sri Krishna Arts and Science College. The session lasted for some 2 hrs in an interactive way. I loved the way everyone asked me questions in a technical way.

             I as an MSP proved them how the usage of the Windows Live & Live@Edu in our college would be profitable and effective... They accepted their defeat that this feature would be helpful after a long debate which nearly took Half an Hour... But i was taken away by the point that "No Online Activity can replace the effectiveness of a teacher teaching in the class". The session concluded in a peaceful way.

Some how the day will never end without a problem...... I Lost the Remote of My Laptop.... After a 20 min hunt..  I found it in a senior`s pocket.. All he said was,"oh! I thought it was chocolate".

Windows Vista -vs- Windows 7(14-10-2009)

No one can accept that Windows Vista is a Operating System until it was branded under Microsoft. This was what i was to talk all the 2 Hrs about. This session was attended by the 2nd Year student of B.C.A Department., Sri Krishna Arts and Science College.

               The  hardest thing i was to handle was my class students.. They made a damn hell of noise till i stated my session.. So, I had to put some movie songs for them... Could not help, thank god.. they kept quite like a baby eating the food. I some told all the blunders which Microsoft made in Vista & its corrections in the simultaneous slides.....
                   It was a comparative session. The session was about to end and I was to know that there was a clash between the students..... Reason:-"One guy was unable to listen to my speech bcz another was talking", so he disturbed all together. 
                     The sessions ended had i had to answer a billion dollar question, "When will you leave us ?". I just swung the mic off and told. Here is the conclusion and summarized the sessions`s activity.