Friday, October 16, 2009

Microsoft Products free of Cost for Students ????

Can anyone believe that Microsoft Products are available free of cost for the Students in India ? Sit back and ready this post leisurely to believe the fact. This time Microsoft opens the "Gates" to become "BillGates"..

Getting mircrosoft's genuine software free of cost?
Yes friends its possible only through Microsoft's Dreamspark Program.
Microsoft extended their helping hand to the enthusiastic and interested students by providing them the copies of their Development( VS2008, Win Server, Robotic developer etc..) and Designing ( Expression Studio) software absolutely FREE of cost. Not only software's u can also get some resources and tutorials ("IT academy Pass") to improve your knowledge and learn technologies.
Do u feel exited as i felt .
So to get your free softwares pls visit
If u are in INDIA pls visit
for other details
The only criteria is that u have to be a "S
So kindly utilize this opportunity and get your dream achieved
Thank u Microsoft.

thank gokoulane for his post