Saturday, March 20, 2010

Youtube – Change language from Hindi to English

Right from my childhood, I never liked Hindi and the Hindi Speaking people mainly because I don’t know HINDI. This may sound weird, but true. The Indian Youtube version was out and similar releases were made to most of the local hubs of internet word in countries and based upon the location, the language settings were made, without any prior notice, i repeat “NO PRIOR NOTICE”. It was a horror time for me to find out how to change the homepage from Hindi to English. Follow the steps below and enjoy the IPL telecasted over it.


1.Go to , so that the regional settings of youtube will be transferred to main control.


2.Now Scroll down to the bottom of the page and see the youtube copyright symbol. 

3.You can see some text therein hindi as “भाषाएं दिखाएं” which means “Language: Hindi”, thanks to google translators. They help me clear this crap off.


4. Click on that and select the language you need. Choose English Preferably.

5.What next ??? Go and watch

                                               IPL ROFL ;)