Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fake Mails made easy ! Kudos to spoofing

It had been a week since a MSP posted about a issue that he got a mail from Mr.BillGates congratulating him for his work. Funny ! I decided to make a post on it and make some joy out of it. Do you wish to play pranks sending emails from a friend’s id? Here is how you go about doing it. It’s pretty much simple, all you need to do is go to the website, and there is a send-fake-email form where in you fill the from name, from address, to name, to address and then go about writing an email like you normally would do.


dead-fakeDeadFake allows you to edit all ‘from’ and ‘to’ details before sending the email. It’s very quick and very easy. You don’t have to connect to the SMTP port of the site, issue commands and then send the email. Everything is done just like filling up an online form. One drawback being there is sentence at the bottom of the email sent which reads “No, this email’s not real, it’s”, but these things mostly go unnoticed when the recipient reads the email because even emails sent from yahoo usually have a link underneath which is usually not noticed by the reader.

Anonymous Speech

anonymous-speechAnonymous speech is also similar to DeadFake, here again the details can be edited before sending. But added to this you can set the date and time for sending the fake email and you could also send it to multiple recipients (up to 15). But before sending, you need to do a small sign-up with the website. But you needn’t worry; email address in the sign-up is only optional, just to trace your password.

Send Fake Mail

send-fakeA website that offers proper fake email sending without allowing the recipient trace the origin of the email. You can easily change the ‘from’ details so that the receiver thinks it’s from someone else. Added to this the service also offers Anonymous Browser, a utility that lets you browse the internet without revealing your correct IP address by creating a fake IP for you.

Services offered are:

  – Anonymous Emailing
  – Fake Emails
  – Text & HTML Mail
  – Priority Support
  – X-Mailer Header
  – Anonymous Surfing

But all this is not free, available to you at very minimal charges of $4.95/ month

Fuzz Mail

fuzz-mailAnother service that could be used is Fuzzmail. Here again the ‘from’ and ‘to’ ids can be given by the user. But this not a normal fake email sending, but a service which records the act of typing and lets you send that as an email. The receiver gets to know at what point of time when typing your letter there has been a pause, or typos errors, write overs etc. This is greatly made to send those love letters to the loved ones so that receiver can get to actually feel the writing happening.

Note : Never ever try to trouble anyone, you may fall in some sort of legal problems. The use of these services is completely up to you and use them at your own risk only.