Saturday, July 16, 2011

Is Microsoft loosing its confidence ?

       I know that few people might consider this post weird, moreover all these activities of MSFT are termed under business policies and operational strategies. But still, it isn’t a answer for my questions…
                    A provoking question which has to be posted to the software giant company which has the major share in the market. It seems like for the past few months and years, Microsoft is gradually loosing its confidence in itself and going for substitutes. Personifying  Microsoft as a mother who has lost faith in her son and later adopting a step child who has been brought-up like a king… When I think about the act which Microsoft did few weeks back, Buying Skype for 8.5 Billion US Dollars, which eventually wasn’t a meager amount, I’m forced to say these words,  “When you can’t make your child live like a King, you aren’t a mother nor a women…”.
                 In my above statement, the step-son is none other than Skype and the legitimate son is ‘Windows Live Messenger’. “You have your very own products, then why do you go behind other firms ?”…. Lets now see, the scenarios, where Microsoft seemed to be sitting in discomfort with a lack of confidence.

1) Skype out the WLM:-
          Windows Live Messenger was an impressive component of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 and was really giving a great experience to the regular users, how ever it wasn’t provided a better support. Microsoft was using and is using Live Messenger at various places in most of the premium services to its commercial sector. But all of a sudden, the new that Microsoft has bought Skype for 8.5 Billion US Dollars was kind of shocking and the reaction to most of the MSFT enthusiasts like me was, “OMG..wt*.. wat abt WLM ?”. It might have been a great news for users and business people, but not for its fans… We loved the way you were standing on your own…
            Was that Microsoft wasn’t able to make-up so many users happy on Windows Live Messenger ?  Is it that Microsoft wanted to trash Windows Live messenger as still a beta-FAIL product into Microsoft Labs (it was never a product of labs, If I’m not wrong) ? Or was that Microsoft couldn’t win the VoIP battle with Skype ?  How many know that VoIP was first introduced (legally) by Microsoft… Bing it ! It was the first firm to publish the idea of VoIP, how ever, it never persuaded it….   

2) A competitor made Ally !
             This is in reference to purchased Stakes worth $260,000,000 of Facebook in October 2007. Facebook was trending in the days when Microsoft had an interest to purchase the company and gulp it into its pockets, unfortunately, that din’t happen. Why would you buy the shares of Facebook when you’ve already acquired msn  in 1996 ? Obviously MSN wasn’t your own creation either. The first think which Skype was tasked after the Microsoft takeover was, ‘Create a video calling feature for Facebook’… So you literally dumped Windows Live Messenger and other Video services you were providing… Is it that way ?

LOTS MORE TO SAY ! LAPPY BATTERY BEEPING… Logging off ! Would be getting back soon with more info… Please keep checking…

“MY” Final verdict…
               Microsoft is a company which has been a dreamland for millions like me… Fortunately/Unfortunately, it seems like Microsoft is no magic land, but just a hi-fi sophisticated showroom selling apples and oranges which have been purchased / acquired / grabbed from other`s farm, later branded a fancy name and WoWing the customers that it is a proud product of our farm, and its can be eaten only if preserved in our own refrigerators….