Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hit list: Clap for the finalists of Top 10 Corrupts (Expected)

Please Note: There are so many issues and statements said that all these evidences are proven to be false. And it is also said that they are all cock-bull stories which are being raised to put down the fames of these genuine members of the government. For Heaven sake, don’t we know the stake of these burglars ??? They looted the country in front of our eyes by making us watch TVs and games. However, I do not posses and evidence supporting this convictions. Should you need me to remove this, drop me a mail and I would do the needful.  

Checkout this:
According to this site, this story is fake. Which is infact true, But not false.
Wikileaks reveals Indian Black Money account holder ! story as a fake
             The julian assange`s team of Wikileaks have gave a list of names to the Finance Minister of India very secretly which have highly sensitive names of politicians within it. The government accepted to take action against them after a serious investigation, and we know what that means in Government`s language, “hey ! I’ll never arrest them…” For Now, here are the top 10 hit list members of the Black Money & Scams… If all these money are brought back to India, damn, I wouldn’t need to pay taxes for all my imports and purchases. 

1. Lalu Prasad Yadav - RS 29800 Cr

One of the excellent railway minister which the world has ever seen. An all-rounder, no exception for corruptions and yes, he is leading too.

2. A Raja - RS 7800 Cr

If Abhishek bachan is for 3G, here is the Famous Raja for 2G, infact, to be true, no one knew that there existed a technology called 2G until this guy did his play.

3. Karunanidhi - Rs 15000 Cr

One of the famous Leaders of India, Ex-Chief Minister of TamilNadu, a family guy… hey wait… I din’t say how many families :P

4. Sarad Pawar : Rs 28000 Cr

This old man was supposed to distribute to the public, but he made sure that its being distributed to his family alone.

5. Suresh Kalmadi: Rs 5900 Cr

The pride of Common Wealth Games…

6. Rajiv Gandhi: Rs 19800 Cr

The one who was the youngest prime ministers of India. God knows why his account is still active in Swiss… and a message for Rahul Gandhi, “Instead of Using your dad`s black money, better hang yourself to death.”

7. Harshad mehta: Rs 135800 Cr

Guess what a stock broker can earn… He is not a bull or a beat, he is a wild fox.

8. Niira radia: Rs 28990 Cr

A Modern women to give voice for the female community , where corruption happen most.


Minister of commerce and industry, God know whether he studied economics.

10.Naresh Goyal: Rs 145600 Cr

I personally think he used his own Jetairways to loot the country and make it for Swiss

This is an forged image which was said that, this is a list produced by wikileaks and its team holding the names of the Swiss Account balances along with the Holder`s names, however, it isn’t true. This was a mere workout of the expected Swindled amount by each person based upon the cases they have been logged with.