Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A guy who lived with everyone till last night is now no more – Wear Helmets


                   Its always said that nothing is sure the next moment and live the present as much as you can… May be fate might have decided that he should die, but he could have evaded it, if he was in control or with helmets on…  This is a post for one of my Junior who passed away miserably today in an accident. Dinesh, a student of Sri Krishna Arts and Science College, pursuing his final year resides near vadavalli, Coimbatore. He has the habit of travelling till the bus stop from his home via bikes… Recently he did purchase a new bike and no one would have expected that it would get a end to his life… According to the sources, Dinesh was on the way speeding towards vadavalli and a kid with his cycle crossed the road. Unfortunately, this kind hearted guy did not wish to bang the kid, for which he took a curve and that curve was preoccupied by a Auto. He banged into that three wheeler and was left strangling to suffer for more than 10 minutes in the middle road. It is said that no one even bothered to call an ambulance for a very long time and it was a college girl who saw this guy suffering to death and rang up her friends. After 10-15 minutes, Dinesh was rushed to a famous Private hospital here in the city…[Oh come’on… I’m not a coward to put it as private hospital, yhea.. its none other than the Merciless money sucking KG Hospitals] . The beats did not admit this poor guy as it was a ‘so called’ - “police case”, after the denial of admission he was being redirected to Coimbatore Government Hospital, when he was on the way to GH, he almost left his last heart-beat. He was taken down of the van not to the emergency ward, but to Autopsy ward.    


A question arises in my mind as to “what led to the death of this young boy ?” 

Is it …

A) His new bike`s josh which gave him the throttle towards death ?

B) The fact that he did not wear the helmet ?

C) The insane kid, who crossed the road without peeping into the streets ?

D) The banging three wheels wrong turn ?

E) The fact that the people stood for 10 minutes without even touching him, just because of a precaution that it would become a police case. Heartless people`s insane thinking…

F) The undeniable reason that the Private hospital rejected admission being an accident case ?

G) His fate

            No use in thinking which would be answer, its not a million dollar question, but still it’s a life worth more than millions and millions to his parents, family, friends and close ones… To be in his shoes, at that fraction of second when the head was banging the tar road, the only think which one could have thought is “Cha… I could have worn that helmet and came out of my house”.

And this was a picture posted by one of his friends on Facebook who says, “hey sry to put up dis pic...but dis is dinesh's new helmet i dono wher d fuck it went wen he needed it..... plzzz guys wear helmet whereva yu go......the amount we pay is our lyf.... remember dat:(....each and everyone mean a plzzzzz!”



On account of his sad dismissal, the college was closed, GH was crowded with students, friends, relatives of Dinesh… 

What would have happened if he has worn this helmet when getting off from home ???? 

        would be sitting in some random hospital near his house after a first aid, drinking some apple juice and chatting about his heroic stunt with his new bike…


But now ???? Only his helmet is here… the guy is no more… Sad smile Sad smile Sad smile 

Let his soul rest in peace…