Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mobile Phones/ Smart Phones without Camera


             This post is special for those who are awaiting your call letter and joining date, congrats to one and who have been successfully placed in most of the MNCs. I’m pretty sure you’ll have your hands shivering and legs running around your place to know “Wooo ! Wats gonna happen there ?”. Let me say you that its really gonna be a tough time if you aren’t really interested and joining by a external pressure. On the other hand, its gonna be a cakewalk if its out of our passion and complete interest. Make sure you have you seat belts at your job and untie it only for promotions…

             Most of the Multi-National Companies as well as home-town companies have their tight security in-terms of confidentiality especially with the newbies -aka- Training Candidates. They would never allow you to use your mobile within the campus, and if at all you have one, it should be according to the standards which they specify.  The one and only rule there, “No Camera”, “No Photography”, “Cell Phones (/)”… So apparently, you are “forced” to go on with some Non-Camera mobiles…  And the first phone which would come to your mind is Nokia 1100 Smile with tongue out. Lemme say you this too, with Nokia 1100, you really are gonna become mad, unless you have some quality Smartphones or mid-budget phones, it’s a tough time. You can never search or browse over the internet to get such phones. Now diving into the topic…

            Most of the phones released from the past decade are all equipped with some random cameras, starting from that of Carl-Zeus to that of the most sluggish standard-VGA Cameras. It isn’t surprising to know that even some random $ 25- $ 50 mobiles have a camera within them, hardly few know that it’s a camera and not some speaker box… If you start searching, you’ll end-up with the mind “Damn… I would never want to have a phone with me at all”, because all you would end-up is crap !…. Now I’m going to list you few of the most common and best-buy places where you can get a Good Phone with less effort of search, Hope you’ll love it… If you have any comments/ Suggestions, make your way down and post a comment, I’ll be happy to help you Smile 


Nokia E51(Camera free edition):


                    Nokia E51 is said to be one of the best Sv60 phones in the market once up on a time, it was released in 2008 and gave a boom in 2009. After its overwhelming demand, they cameup with a Camera free edition, i.e., without camera… it was a welcomed by people like you, who wanted to have phones without camera, but wait… It has a Face-call video camera… Its actually accepted by company rules and regulations as it cannot be used to take photography, unless and untill you crack it… You can’t buy this phone today in stores or in real market, you’ve to go under-the-hood the search for it or the best place would be Ebay !

 Nokia E61:

The best choice I can give you is this master piece, released in 2005, it is being equipped with all latest features including 3G and wi-fi… It has a Non-Camera version which is being widely used by professionals in IT, who fall under your category of ‘No Cams’… !

Nokia N-Gage QD:

I’m not sure how many of you knew that one such phone existed in the yester-years` market. Say a big “miss-you” to this master piece from Nokia, infact, it was to be the PSP for many mobile loves, as it was one among the gaming series, it was without camera, but has all features.


Sony Ericsson W950:

  From the hands of best camera makers in the world, a sony ericsson product without camera is like a beautiful girl without eye ! But not bad, its worth a touch, its almost very late to say ‘hi’ to W950, because its off market now !



here is a list of phones which are totally dumb, they are ultimate down to earth basic models, all you can do is tap n key some txts as well as make calls, and best to hear they’ll have all top rated songs preloaded in them like “hey Ranguthey basanthiii…”…  You’ll surely never take out that phone from your pocket for sure…

Nokia 2626: 



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