Sunday, April 10, 2011

I vote for 49-O




                  It’s the Tamil Nadu State Elections falling this April 13th, 2011 and the stakes have gone up to the cloud on the aspects of corruptions and money lots, scams, etc… Elections did not have hope till there was this great social reformer ‘Anna hazare’, whom everyone thought can’t makeup the victory towards the LokPal bill. It’s a unbelievable surprise that the Government of India has accepted to pass this bill, and here comes the new condition of the respectful leader Anna, that the bill should be passed before August 15th, 2011 else he’ll start with his hunger strike. The man who won the hearts of millions would surely win this strive too.  It has brought fire into the young minds to form a better India literally. And seeing this we can hope for the 2020 dream come true very soon…  Lets now come back to the elections of Tamil Nadu state, where there is only two heads here. One is busy swindling cash for some xyz and the other is busy swindling cash for his ‘n’ number of families… I would like to denote a forward message which came to me this morning, which is again a election champagne,

Election campaign:
Give Narendra Modi next 5 years, he will MAKE Gujarat like Singapore…

Give XXX next 5 years, XXXXXXXXXX & family will BUY Singapore…


                    Seeing most of the situations and eventful propagandas going around the state, all I can say is a conversation between the parties like, “ You strip me.. I’ll strip you off too ”. None of the parties are advocating on what they’ll do after thrown, all they say is, “Vote for me, I’ll get you freebies”. My question here is, “Is this a summer bonanza offer ?”. Doesn’t seem to be a election champagne, pulling each others` legs to see who is surviving till the last poll to drop into the ballet. And once the elections are over u can’t see them with the public for another 1826 days… 


Are you not willing to vote for anyone standing in your region for this election ? Did you know that there is a system in our constitution, as per the 1969 act, in section " 49-O" that a person can go to the polling booth, confirm his identity, get his finger marked and convey the presiding election officer that he doesn't want to vote anyone! 


How does this 49-O actually work  ?

               Say that there are 1000 votes in your region, and there are two parties standing for this election, so the winning criteria is 51% of the total vote casted in the particular region. And to the dismay of the election system, only 50% of the people turnup for an vote casting…


So out of 1000 votes only 500 is being casted truly, so a part would win if it gets more than 251 votes… And does that mean, all 1000 votes like that winning party ? Definitely not ! there is a majority of 749 people who hate him, after the elections you can’t open your mouth for other 5 years, So better speakout now…!

So, what will happen if I put a 49-O ? 





1. Even if the party get 26% and above, it can’t win just because the majority goes to 49%- 49-O. And the same wins, the election is considered null and void. There will be a re-election proposed.

2. There are also talks that all the contestants who participated In that election would be disqualified for future elections, which is totally senseless and untrue. 

The Hindu, one of the famous newspapers in India says,

 “The Bench said in addition to this arrangement, the authorities should also make the public aware of Rule 49-O by publishing it in two English newspapers and two Tamil newspapers having wide circulation throughout the State.”     But, unsure whether it was all the words which mixed with the polluted air riding the city roads…

Now the question comes like this, “Whats the difference between I won’t vote and I vote for 49-O, both are same right ?”.

         They both aren’t the same ! There are chances of your non-vote being tampered and used by the dominating party, not in terms of words but my goondaism. 

Will my single 49-O count ?

   Are you kidding me with this question ? Obviously Yes! When a each and every vote for an individual counts for a contesting nominee, the same does happen for 49-O.

What is the Procedure to vote for 49-O ?

      Voting for 49-O is very easy, all you need to do is, once you’ve verified your identity to the election officer sitting in the front desk, he’ll give you a slip to be signed, now all you need to say him is, “I’m opting for 49-O”. He’ll give you the register where you signed, you need to sign again in the next column writing as “49-O” and give it back. Its was never as simple as that.


Will voting 49-O be of any issue for you ?

     Its to be one of the trickiest question. The option of 49-O, has not yet been embedded into the polling machines. You don’t have an button to do it, the election commission has been very serious on not putting it into the ballot. Instead it has given the option to write. But the problem here is, there is no secrecy of your cast. Each and everyone inside that room will know what you are doing, and apparently they’ll very well know that you’ve opted for 49-O. Which might at-times create few issues or litigations if you go out of the polling booth. But





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