Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My favorite memory from one of the Tech.Eds I ever attended


       It’s the 10th of April, 2010, where I got a mail from Microsoft stating that I’ve been invited for the Microsoft Tech.Ed 2010 at Bangalore, which is to happen from April 12th to 14th. I wasn’t quite surprised as the invite was for the Top 25 Microsoft Student Partners in our country. Few people might very well know that I participate in almost all tech competitions and “Tech.Ed Blogathon” was one such competition which I wished to participate and so did I. During one of my DreamSpark Yatra Session at a college in Salem, TamilNadu. I got a call from a Bangalore number and I was surprised to receive it from end2end, the technical support for Microsoft`s Tech.Ed Event for that particular year, stating that I was awarded the best Blogger for 2010 and I’ve been also provided with  free professional entry ticket for Tech.Ed 2010. Smile I showed my sincere gratitude for the offer, but was destined to go as a MSP for the Tech.Ed Event. But this time I’m seriously looking forward for BLOGATON, the annual blogging event of Tech.ed India. Apparently, this is one of my entries for it…

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        It was 12th April, 2010 early morning 3:30, where I landed at Bangalore City and was supposed to stay at my colleague Sanyam Agarwal, Microsoft Student Partner, Bangalore User Group. To my surprise, it was too late for me to realize that I did not have either his contact number nor his address of residence. Thanks to Facebook, through which I could trace his mobile number and dropped him a call, he texted me his address and it took a while to reach there… We had a great time together with other legendry MSPs like Prakhar Agarwal, Abhey, Abhishek, etc… it was absolute fun….


Day -1:

       We were redirected to the Tech-Ed Registration desks where we were supposed to collect the Passport using the MSP ID Card which we were endorsed with it has a catchy logo printed at the back.  It was far better than the Indian Passport Winking smile trust me in this statement…   


Day –2:

   The full Tech.Ed event was streamed online on the Microsoft Tech.Ed Website and to my excitement, it was Mr.VJ Nikhil Chinnappa who was hosting the coverage. We were being interviewed both on the 2nd day as well as on the 3rd day… 



It was late that evening, where everyone were having their bellies heated up with fire, its time for dinner and nothing to say that the sleepless city was still staring excellent at that night, we made our way to one of the finest hostel in the city looked like a haunted place with people in weird dresses, I was taken to a dilemma and questioned myself, “Are we into a hotel or a Cave”. it was one such excellent place “ghuffa”




Day – 3:

      The highlight of the event was Demo Extravanza, the crowd puller event of the evening which would be concluding the Tech.Ed 2010 at Bangalore. Towards the afternoon, we were having conversation with a group of professionals and one among the crowd was Mr. Ramanesh Singh, Microsoft. Myself and Venkat of CBEUG were talking about Microsoft Lab`s Photosynth, and Mr.Ramanesh seemed interested in our work and he called us before the panel of members for a discussion. I thought it was going to be one another conversations among which we normally have with people of higher profile. we made our march towards the hall and showed his panel our creations on Photosynth. I’m not sure whether our speech made them feel good or our Photosynth WOWed them, he just let a word, “Why can’t u demo it at the Demo Extravanza”. Myself and venkat was totally taken aback with that statement and we stood still. He said us,” you’ve 2 hours to prepare, All the best…”. Before leaving the hall he again said, “Well… try to be there before 1 hour of the event… ” Which means that We had hardly 60 minutes to prepare, it almost took us 45 to get off the excitement and another 10 minutes to find the stage.

View the Photosynth demo by Mr.SathyaNarayanan & Mr.Venkat of CBEUG.

                 I was in roaming over my mobile network and could hardly send 5 messages, for which I messaged my dad, my sister, my girl, and again to my sister Smile, remember I more message was left…  I was to be going live in another 20 second and I opened my twitter page and posted “I’m on the Tech-Ed Stage”, when I was called… I was given two minutes to speak on the project, but almost took 15 minutes I guess. It was fun to face 4000 people before your eyes at a stretch. I would never forget him for the work he did for me.


At the end of the day, we had the opportunity to meet Mr.Somasegar, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Developer Division and interacted with him regarding our projects and services towards the students community with the help of India Acad Team. He was quite impressed and called for a group snap with us.