Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flash 8–Practical's Program Demo


Dear Readers,

    I kindly request you to skip this particular blog post, as this is something apart from my usual blogging. This post is meant only for Sri Krishna Arts and Science College, Department of Computer Applications and Software Systems.  I’m pasting my email dispatched to the group for the reference of those who missed to get the mail…

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Dear Friends,

         It had been a long time since you people would be hearing from me. Its almost the end of our college life and undoubtedly it was an abrupt end, which no one could have expected. Without taking much of your time, i'll brief what this mail is all about. Few of our friends had issues learning for Practical sessions of Flash 8, for which myself and Iyyapan planned to help you all to get-through your semester practicals. I've recorded all the 12 programs for your perusal :)  hoping that it would be of a greater help.


1] First and foremost, I kindly request you to download Flash Player 10 [the latest version], at this link. Alternatively use this link

2] Go to the links given below to download all the demo based instructions...

3] If you have any issues on opening the file or downloading them, drop me a SMS to the number signed below.

4] Play / Pause the flash files when ever you need, try using the seek bar to, we've coded the Flash 10 with rich GUI using Captivate !

5] Keep track of for updates regarding your Flash and HTML demo.


Program -1:

Program -2:

Program -3:

Program -4:

Program -5:

Program -6:

Program -7:

Program –8:

Program -9:

Program -10:

Program –11:

Program -12:

Programs 8 and 11 would be updated very shortly... Keep watching...

With Regards.,

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Sri krishna Arts & Science College.,
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  To view the downloaded swf files, flash 10 player is required. Apart from that for your convenience download Flash Projector.  Using this go to File-> Open –> Browse –> and then the file name.swf.

Make use of the shortcut key Ctrl+ F for full screen.


Flash 8 Installation:

                  I would recommend you to go for a paid version of Flash 8 professional, but for time being I would suggest you to go with a  software available on torrentz  which can be downloaded here.  This is a torrent file for which u need a torrent software which can be downloaded here.


So the order  would be like this

1. Installing the Utorrent software…

2. Downloading the torrent file and then opening it with utorrent and downloading the Flash 8 software…

3. It’ll have the installation pack for which its self explanatory…

4. Insert the serial key from the file attached to it….