Tuesday, February 1, 2011

oiii ! Get placed in 1 company… tat’ll do ;)


               The country has been just took a deep breath after seeing the edges of Inflation at the global level. In this settling duration, numerous number of companies have started their hunt for employees for their MNC firms at a very large level. Placements rates have gone up from 8% to 25% this year… The opening-up of  tidel park in coimbatore is an added feature to this cause. Exposure level of the students have gone up and the stakes are too rising from the companies side, the MNCs really expect a quality and quantity simultaneously.


            You might think what the heck I’m talking here… Its about the placements exactly ! All the colleges and universities have a catchy word at their advertisements as “100% placements” and for that only reason all the final year students are being tortured to get placed, even if they aren’t interested. Now lets not debate inside on the advantages and disadvantages of the  Multi-placements.