Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Deloitte off-campus recruitment at PSG College


                    21st January, 2011…The day started with the scolding from ma mom for getting late in the morning energized by her subrabatham ‘study’ ‘study’ ‘study’. Got a wakeup call from one of my friend Mr.Vikram of CTS, stating tat there is a recruitment at PSG College of Arts and Science and this time, he forgot to bring his files for the off-campus.  I started from my house again getting a scolding and a great motivation from my mom, as “இத்தன placements attend பன்னுரையே, ஏதாவது ஒரு company`ல place ஆணிய?”. That was really soooo motivating for me Smile with tongue out  Took my 1000 x 10-1 CC Bike pushed it to the full throttle and rushed to the placement drive. It was good to see a massive crowd of 700 people attending that campus drive and to my greater surprise, most of the attendees were Krishna College students.


The list of colleges which attended were:

  • Sri Krishna Arts & Science College.
  • Coimbatore Institute of Technology.
  • Krishnamaal College for Women.

                       Although the crowd was dominated by Girls, it was good to see the numbers in boys interested in career. I entered just a minute before the Introductory session which was to be initialized by Ms.Ishitha Tripathi from Deloitte accompanied by Mr.Sam of the same firm, they were the one and only organizers of the whole event in turns, much professional and apt.  The Agenda of the placement drive was really mind blowing for me and my reaction was “WOW” and to my surprise, the reaction by others were “Wooooo” Open-mouthed smile.


  • Intro session
  • An Short talk about the company and their infra, I was gazed by that.
  • JAM
  • Just-A-Minute round where a topic would be given and you are supposed to blabber about it in a sensible way, requires your active participation. 
  • Versant
  • One of the Mind blowing rounds ever attended by me, later explained.
  • BPAT – Business Process and Aptitude Test
  • An Online Aptitude examination for one hour
  • Essay Writing
  • A topic should be choose off the two and written within the given stipulated time.
  • HR
  • A short HR Interview to discuss about whether you are fit for the organization and vice-versa. Had a lot of information learnt from Mr.Sam.
  • Interview – Video Conferencing
  • Pending – Gonna attend it on 27th January, 2010.


                     The session was started by Mr.Sam in a energetic and throttle voice, where he boasted about the company and it was interesting to listen to his accents on talk sitting in the first row. He had a very less applause and interaction with the audience as they were busy with their own chitchats. The savior of the day was Ms.Ishitha, the center of attraction for Deloitte Candidates… Hot smile She had a very good command over her language and a voice which took me to 2:00 AM (time at which I sleep Open-mouthed smile ). thanks to the loud voice of Mr.Sam which was a wakeup call for everyone, especially me.   He announced that the first round would be J-A-M. Where no one knew what that was and hardly few of us have been to such rounds in college days. The moment when Mr.Sam told, “Its about getting on to the stage and speaking for few minutes”. Booooof ! 30% of the crowd disappeared.

                          We were split into a group of 60 where we were redirected to classrooms. I was pulled into the 2nd batch, where Mr.Sam was supposed to handle it.  another 20% of the crowd ran-off seeing Mr.Sam & Ms.Ishitha bashing at the shivering candidates on the stage for their bad English. 


    Round-I : Just-A-Minute: 

                            A topic was given by Mr.Sam as “My Favorite teacher”, I was shocked just because of the fact that I never liked staffs at all. I had no idea of what to talk and how to talk, but just because I had few experience of conducting GDs and talks for Microsoft Student Partner`s Selection process, just made-up my mind tat I’ll talk what ever comes in my mind. Mr.sam initially told that he would provide us with 5 minutes of time to think, where he trigged the word “Ready?” in just 180 seconds. I don’t know what happened, I could feel my right hand in the skies, OMG it was my hand showing tat I’m ready Smile with tongue out 

                     He called me to speak, I had a thought about my dad and hence spoke about my dad and told that my dad is the best teacher in world Open-mouthed smile. I don’t know whether that uniqueness that impressed him, or the initiation helped me or the way I spoke was good, Myself, Sriram and another pal of my college was selected in my batch. And yhea it’s a luck for sriram I guess, where ever he goes, he talks about me, he gets selected… Smile I’m proud about that.

    Out of the total strength only 54 advanced to the next level.

    Round-II : VERSANT

               After instructions about next round, Mr.Sam dispatched us for a short brake within which we were supposed to have our lunch and reach back the other block for Versant Round. We reached the hall by 2:20 PM, where Mr.sam reached very fast by 4:30 PM. We were given few sheets of VERSANT where it has 5 sections as its contents were just about to your language and testing your skills of reading, listening, etc…


    infosys 002

                The sheet had a tag number as well as a phone number of the HQ in India, to which we were supposed to make a call n speak, to my surprise it was a computerized system that answered our call, like tat of mobile operator customer services.


  • call the number: 080-3*****00
  • Enter the tag number: xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Spell the name
  • It’ll start the process, which will check for the surrounding noise or any other disturbances which will disrupt your call. If its perfect the call will continue, else I’ll reject the call, for which you are supposed to get to a much quitter location and make the call again.
  • Section A: Read the sentence which are given in the paper, as per the random numbers called out by the system.
  • Section B: Listen to the statements said by the system and repeat it… trust me, it’s the toughest part till u see next section. U will not understand anything unless and untill u have a very good listening capability. it was hilarious for me to hear a damn old lady blabber something odd Open-mouthed smile, on the safer side I did the same blabbering business Smile with tongue out 
  • Section C: Set of questions would be triggered at you for which you should give an apt proper answer, for eg:- From which one of these you’ll drink water ? Bottle or Fridge ?… Your answer must be “From a bottle” or “a bottle” and not “bottle” or “fridge”.
  • Section D: Had a set of jumble the sentence which would be given as a phrase by the system, you have to analyze it in 3 seconds and repeat it without any errors. It’ll be a pretty easy task, if you are a good listener.

    Section E: A topic of general view would be given for which you are supposed to talk for 20 – 30 seconds continuously.  there would be two topics…


    of the 54 who advanced to 2nd round, only 3 people cleared it in the first attempt and marched forward for the 3rd round…

    Round – III : BPAT


                BPAT  is the Business Process and Aptitude Test its being hosted online by a 3rd party examination center like prometric. It was a combination of Analytical Mathematics, reasoning, English, etc…   The time duration give was very low, eg:20 questions should be answered in just 1048 seconds. It was really a tough time.


    Out of the 3 people, only two advanced to the next round, the later was given a retry as he was almost very near to the mark. And obviously we all three marched ahead for the next Smile 

    Round – IV: Essay Writing

             Once you clear the BPAT it’s a cake walk till the final round… its gonna be as simple as tat…. A choice was given to be between two topics such as, ‘Your first day in college’ and the other was ‘your favorite book’… Allaz… I had no words to say, because my first day in college was the dumbest ever and trust me, I’ve never read a book before, which includes my college academia too Winking smile. I just had Mr.Ankit Fadia, the hacking guru of India visit my college few days back, for which to get the questionnaires to shoot at him, I had to read few of his creations, one of his master pieces was “Ethical hacking- Unleashed”. That was an pdf file which I skimmed through before rushing to his session.   

           I wrote a mixture of Ethical Hacking, few of my recent facebook status messages about life, and other contents which I googled the last night, never miss the wikileaks Open-mouthed smile I did include tat too… Mr.Sam calmed us off the alarm which triggered when he said “Handwriting is important”, by saying tat “It’s the language and grammar that plays a major role”. He reviewed my essay for errors and told tat I’ve moved off to the next round too Smile 



    Round IV : Short HR

           It can’t be termed as a round, as it was just a discussion with the team as to would the company be a suitable one, would it be really a better track wherein your professional growth and career growth could be sustainable, etc…  One would be questioned about themselves, then about their ambition, specialization, and yhea importantly the achievements. Make sure you are calm enough to sit and reply them. When you are asked “Do you have any questions?” try to speakout what were you wish to, for godsake please don’t sit and nod as “No Questions sir”… this might be a place where they check your passion and keenness in the company.


    Round V: Video Conferencing (HR)


             31st January, 2011…. The Video Conferencing was finally confirmed to happen this day, wherein we were given individual timings to depart at the venue for the final round of interview. Each candidate was supposed to be interviewed for around 45 minutes as per the schedule. Whereas we were interviewed for just 15-20 min each, questioned on personal info, academic profile, and other few common questions as Why Deloitte ? and Why to hire you ?. All the eight candidates who appeared gave the best shot for this panicle round. We are pretty confident in attending it…     


    We  are waiting for the results to be splashed on our faces with cool breeze in the hot desert where we are standing right now, the selection process.

                     After the interview was over, we three from my college and my buddy Kalyan from PSG had a short ride to a near by Bakes named ‘”Hot Cheese”, which I wanted to tryout as it was being hosted by my very own college students with the support of management. It was not that bad, and more than the food, we had a better time to know know about ourselves inside four walls Smile. The day went on very well and probably the results would be positive [hopefully].


                    1st February, 2010: It was this afternoon where I went to take a session at Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology… The session was organized by Mr.Srinath of that campus and I was the guest speaker… During the session, my mobile was poured by number number of calls and messages. I was very sure that it was the result time and the statements have been pronounced. I was very concerned about the session, just because any negative things might spoil my mood to a drastic way… the session concluded very well and packedup. Came out of the workshop room and took out my mobile phone, saw a message from Mr.Kalyan of PSG College texting that he has a sad news and was sorry that I wasn’t selected… I never moved for that word, I asked about the others and felt happy that one of my college mate Mr.Gowtham dut got selected and other few ppl at his very own college got selected.


    Verdict:  Its not that I wasn’t selected… I WAS REJECTED ! ! ! Smile 


                 This day was a real eye-opener for me, not because of the result, but from the  reaction of one of my my dearest one… Felt like being slapped with a low healed slippers decorated with sweetest saliva Broken heart. it was a moment which made me feel like killing myself.   




                 Getting ‘REJECTED’ by Deloitte really put me down and curbed my anxiety and josh… Had a inner-voice, “Hey ASSHOLE ! WTF… Its not that u aren’t selected… Its that u’ve been rejected… It’s a matter of fact that u aren’t fit to work in that organization…” And that voice was true and really brought a fire within to achieve more. I took it for granted that its because of my inefficiency and inadequate profile.  Guess wat… Decided few things this day, this will stand still without any further changes in plans.


    • say no to ‘CyberCrime’ for 3 more years…
    • Cancelling NewZealand Plans  
    • Rejecting all other offer letters…
    • No other plans of jobs or TIEup businesses…

                 I’m also planning to get myself admitted in a local college over here in my cotton city for an MCA course, as I feel that I need solid three more years to get myself up to the standards which I consider as to be best. Going to concentrate on my extra-curricular activities to the core and thereby developing my interpersonal skills.


             A message for deloitte: “Hey ! U might have not selected REJECTED me, but I consider this as an place where u’ve tapped my head for the derisory talent which I possess… Would prove myself again in 2014 for the same post with my improved profile… Meet yoo soon Smile, keep ur calendars ready…  ”.


    Thus the day ended well Smile and I’ve started my preparation for TANCET and Amritha Enterence….  My dear cbe IAMFORU, my projects will continue without no interruption Smile Smile Smile