Sunday, February 14, 2010

DreamSpark Yatra @ Hindustan Institute of Technology

DreamSpark Yatra is an Initiative by the Microsoft India Academic Team till the end of April 2010.And the vision of my user group (CBEUG) is to cover 100 cities in 10 weeks. Being One of the proud CBEUGian, I managed to organize this event in Hindustan Institute of Technology , Coimbatore on 15th of February.

The eminent speakers aka student ambassadors for the giant companies (like google , microsoft , mozilla) present there were : Indhuja , Harini Palanivel , Siva ,  Gopinath and me as well ;) .This is the list of the sessions handled by all of my mates :

Sathya Narayanan : Multi Point SDK and some core features of Windows 7
Indhuja :Small Basic
Harini : Microsoft Academics
Siva : IE8 Customization
Gopinath: Windows Azure (cloud computing)

We had a good start in the morning with , the speech of Harini followed up by Indhuja ( the most popular bragger ... LOL jus kidding ;) ) followed up by me and siva after the Welcome note of the HOD , CSE department  (Loganathan) and a professor , and me .

The first session was about Microsoft Academics , and the second followed up by Gopinath`s session ... and this time he learned many new things more than the first time @ IRTT .Because at that time , he never cared to prepare anything and he did on the spot preparation with the help of Ramakrishnan .But this time , he went on with more stuff like video presentations and  was even prepared for the live demo but unfortunately there was no internet connection .. so he had to skip the live demo .But he would  have enjoyed the response when he said that He is  a ITian and still now I do hear that .(The students gave a roaring response) .

The students present in the Dreamspark Yatra were a mixture of CSE , IT and even ECE too .After his session we had a nice lunch and the Hospitality of the college was really good .After that , Indhuja started her session ... she was handling her audience like a play toy never minded that they were seniors to her (she is a 2nd year student).

Then I took my session with a game demo which was fun filled and we had a great time with our give aways to the participants. I had to learn lot of stuffs from that session, "Never expect more from DUMB Students". It was insane for me to make many tries and gain their attraction, I succeeded only at my 4th attempt. The session was too technocratic and I guess many would have gained knowledge from it. I had the session for 1 hour and showed them lot of demos on Win 7 & Multi-point SDK.
Finally Siva Concluded the Technical session with a IEAK demo which was good either, it was to be his first session and i'm proud that i gave him one such opportunity to prove his talent and the DreamSpark Yatra had a great end to its beginning ;)  

Next Stop : SASTRA UNIVERSITY | Thanjavore, TamilNadu...