Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paper Presentation @ SNR & Sons College, Coimbatore.

It was a long time since I was on a outing with my college class mates, in the name of so called "Competition". Today I was called by one of my college junior Mr.Mohammed Sait in the morning, wherein he asked me whether we can go for some competition ! I was puzzled, it was almost 9:00 in the morning, for which the competition was to start at 10:30. I had very less intention of going to college today, having my bike under a damn bad condition. I started to that college and was happy to see my full gang of friends inside the college campus. It was said that all the papers that have been selected has been intimated ! Whereas it was that instance for I knew that papers should have been sent to the college before two days, and the conformation being sent the successive day.

As a normal innocent student, I went to the Program Coordinator and said, "Sir, I've sent the paper 2 days ago, and i fear that my paper is not yet selected, as I did not get any confirmation. Please do check the credentials and fallback. So that I can decide on whether to stay or leave to my college.". I was astonished to get a reply from him where he said, "Sorry sir, I'm deeply sorry for the inconvenience, You can present the paper once the confirmed list is over. There was around 113 participants inside the hall"...

I sat down with my sweet laptop at 11:00, I started preparing the slides for the paper presentation.. It was funny that i never knew the topic on which I was supposed to present the topic. Finally I came across some dump papers inside my bag, submitted it as a formality hard copy and made my own presentation which was totally irrelevant to the submitted paper.   I was suprizingly called to present the paper as 5th speaker, for which i was only done with 3 slides in the PC where it comprised of one side introducing the paper, other  an simple image of Windows Azure and other the conclusion slide, which was just my own info side. I somehow managed to make the presentation with those slides.

I went in front of the speaker and started my speech as "A very hot Good Afternoon to one and all present here, It gives me an immence pleasure to stand before you and introduce three main objects of the day, 1. Mr.Mohammed Sait... my junior 2. myself S SathyaNarayanan and 3rd My presentation on Cloud computing"..... This was to be the funniest intro ever given by anyone till date. The  judges were to say nothing but to simply sit and hear my sweet voice :D .


The session went on well till the end and questions were shooted at me for 20 min. Wherein I was feeling too hungry with the smell direct aroma from kitchen nearby. It was around some 15:00 hrs, the quiz results were out, where Mr.Aswin who is a friend of mine. and Mr.Vikram were selected for the finals. And Mr. Bhuvanesh & Ms.Sathya were short listed for the finals... I was happy that my college was short listed for the finals in all the competitions... out of the 10 ppl from my college, 8 ppl got selected. After which the final results were out and the results were simply awesome. guess what ??? Our college won the First place in all the Competitions, except debugging, where they lost by a single point :(

The prizes were distributed by the college Principal, and luckly i was awarded Rs.1000/- as first prize amount. All my college mates also got the First prize in all the events and it was summed up to some 4k... We enjoyed a lot over the victory in the college. Merrily and happily we left off the college in a passionate way!

And the saddest part of the day : I missed off Microsoft`s DreamSpark Yatra @ TCE.... I wish i would have attended it :( :( :(   Next stop----> Kanchipuram !