Friday, January 29, 2010


Rediff Social Media Wizards Contest 2010
Institute Name:
Welcome to Rediff Social Media Wizards Contest 2010 – your chance to be crowned Social Media Wizards-2010 and win the top Prize of Rs. 100,000.
The objective of the contest is to create a Rediff Page (details given below) and popularise it within the given timeline. Even if you enter the contest a bit late, its not an issue. Your chances of winning depend upon how well you promote your Rediff Page! For detailed Rules, Refer to the Terms and Conditions tab.
To get you started with ideas for your Rediff Page, Look at the following ideas:

  • Page For your institute itself – Show-case your campus, courses and invite alumni, experts etc. Get the fame your institute deserves!
  • Page For your Department – Tell the world achievements of your department, the research therein and reach out to sponsors or industry gurus!
  • Page For your favorite professor – Consolidate all their work – their blog, links to their articles or papers!
  • Page For upcoming cultural events’ Page – Promote your events and invite sponsors. Update your fans about the programs real-time, as they happen, even through mobile.
  • Page For your sports-teams – Go beyond college and inter-collegiate sports – announce your achievements to the fraternity across the globe and attract promoters of your sport.
  • Page For bands in your college – Don’t let the bands stay within the campus boundaries, tell the world about their programs, and get an audience for a concert.
  • Page For promoting placement activities – Highlight the successes of your institute, the batch profile, medals and accolades making it attractive for placements.
  • Page For social initiatives undertaken by your college – Make your cause heard on the internet, invite followers and reach out to millions who can support the cause and take it to another level.
Terms and Conditions:

  • Contest registrations start from Jan 11, 2010.
  • Contest period is from Jan 11 to Feb 25, 2010.
  • Team will be of 3 members – any number of teams from same institute can participate.
  • Topic of the page is the choice of the team.
  • All 3 team members should be current college students and all 3 from same institute.
  • 1 student cannot be part of 2 teams.
  • No offensive material is allowed – violating this will lead to immediate disqualification
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