Sunday, January 24, 2010

MSP Summit 2010

Guys ! ! ! Sorry for the delayed report.... I had just reached ma home town via train from Bangalore for this MSP Summit 2010. Soooooo., here I go [H]
 Day - I    (22nd January, 2010):-

               The train reached the Bangalore station around 6:30AM on 22nd Jan 2010,  With a few yards away was the Bell Hotel where we were supposed to report @ time... We entered the hotel and got identified as MSPs and got the keys after verifications. Got into the room and took a small nap, The starting was to be the Intership exams for the MSPs, it started around 10:00 AM for which we had to take two tests (one hour each). The person incharge for Internship & Placements in India gave an info about Microsoft and its damn cool work place and job tasks. After which the bunch of papers (soo called as Question Papers) were given. Never the less, it was a good experience attending the engineering question being a Arts Student. I've never heard of such words in ma life, All I did was this when the exams were going on.
MobileKing sleeping
             All were asking doubts to the Microsoft People there and i was asking for chocolate to ma friend. After which we were moved to Leela Palace where the TechVista 2010 was to be held. They gave us a bag along with a water bottle after the inter was over and rushed us out of the hotel and pushed into the buses which drove is to the venue, to the surprise it was the lunch [:P] . We had the lunch dripping into the stomach, we reached the Leela Palace. Got down and was really surprised over the splendid palace and the view of it. It was really AWESOME ! ! !. Got into the venue gazing at the beauty of the palace.

             We were to register with the Desk for session-II and they gave us a tag like thing to put it around our had... We merely had it over the hand and went into the halls... I would like to comment that MSR Team is doing such an wonderful job in India, unbelievable, all the papers, presentations, demos, shows were simply cooool... Especially we had a play over the Microsoft Surface, which eventually pulled people around it rather than going and attending the session... We saw a lot of innovative techniques which were to be implemented in future.  We were gazzing over the displays and were intimated that we were to leave the palace by 5:30, but left a bit earlier.... Around 5:25 the busses to Bell Hotel was booing and we got into it after  a long wait...
              After reaching the Bell hotel, we were left free for which we went for the dinner arranged by MS. We enjoyed eating a lot.... Finally Mr.Mark D'Souza & Siddarth Prakash came to us and told the intern results.... ( around some 23 ppl were selected for the interview... ). We ppl were happy that we did not get selected [:P] , All were to bed and we started to roam and were back @ 12:30. 
 Day - II    (23rd January, 2010):-

              Next day morning, we were supposed to checkout @ 6:30 and leave the luggage in the reception. We were redirected to the President Hall, where the Bangalore OpenDays 2010 was to be held. Some Bangalore MSPs were late due to heavy traffic. So had to wait for some time... In the mean while ppl got introduced to all and were chatting happily.
              The session started with the keynote by Mr.John Jacob on IGSTC & IE8 ... He discussed a lot about it.... and clarified a lot of queries in that topic...
              The second session was about  Indic Language tool, which is now developed for Office Word under research section....He showed us a demo on its working...

             The next session was about Visual Studio 2010., that was simply awesome... Our eyes were unable to stand on the demo as she was running from corner to corner... My head partially was twisted and i had a very bad neck pain. And was simply awesome !... I mean the session yar [A]...

              The after-part was the awaiting lunch... People lashed back to the Buffy table to grab their plates.... Everyone had a good lunch and was ready for a sound sleep with the lights dimming off the stage... Before the session was back we had a photo session of all the MSP Summit 2010 attendees.
MSP Summit 2010
                The session was back around 1:45 where in it was the session on Windows 7, it was a interactive but it was with no rejoice, because most of the MSPs have a lot of experience on those on-stages... and nothing was new.. 
               After that we had a sponser Session by HCL Info tech who is a gold certified partner, we had a good nap while the session was for half an hour... They bid a bubye and there came our BOSS(es).....   Mr.Mark D'Souza & Mr.Siddarth Prakash... they introducted the themselves as the Stud-Part team along with Mr.Hilbet & Ms.Sonali.... Gave some simple guidelines for the new MSPs and left off the stage...
               Next was a session by Mr.Mayank Gandhi, IT Academy Evangelist... He gave us a info about the IT Academy program in india, which was cool. (I'm about to implement in it in a week or so, ma college has accepted for it.) 

               The MSP Topper award was given to Mr.Hilbert which was a laptop which both Mr.Sidd & Mr.Mark are using now. Following was the Special Announcements and other info about EduSpark. It was totally exciting for others, the aftermath was the goodies and welcome kits/starterkits/welcomepack/luchpack what ever you ppl call. Everyone bid a bubuye and moved off the venue with a happiness...
               So sad that we really missed a lot of ppl from UP and delhi due to bad weather climate[:@] . Damn flights too got canceled due to bad weather
Mr.Mark , Mr.Sid , Mr.Sathish ,Mr.Reza, Mr.Mayank , Mr.Hilbert , Ms.Sonali Bora gave a final touch for the Open days , Banglore. It was the end of the day and we merrily went down to the railway station and was back home the next day.