Friday, September 4, 2009

SKASC TechClubs

Welcome back friends ! .. after a long time, i am back here with the Students Tech Club Offered by Microsoft.
Student Tech Clubs connects you with top-rated user groups, meetings, community sites, blogs, forums, events and breaking news.

There are many ways to learn technology around the world. We realize that sometimes the way students can master professional tools is on their own time with your friends. Our goal is to support them with the access to tools, training and a platform to connect.mstc_logo_2c

Student Tech Clubs are communities of students — problem solvers, challenge seekers, people who love to discover everything they can do with the latest technology.

The program is there to help student to start and run a Student Tech Club at your school.

Tools like surveys, member administration, newsletters, invitations to events, event calendar, support materials created by Microsoft Product Groups, access to local speakers are some of the features that you can take advantage today using this.

image MSPs are one of the key assets on this, because one of the most required things for the club leaders is access to high quality speakers so here is your opportunity to polish your presentation skills.

The other area where you can use this platform is to enforce your leadership skills, and what’s better than practice that creating your own club in your campus, where you can lead together with other core members of your team. You can invite fellow students, drive events, study groups and other activities.


Note: We are opening a Student Tech Club in Sri Krishna Arts & Science College., named "SKASC~TechClubs". Which has its ultimate aim to improve the knowledge of the students and the fellow members. We are here to provide our full support for the working of this club.

Link to SKASC~Students Tech Club: SKASC-TechClubs