Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gmail knocked offline for second time in Septembe

Has Google lost its reputation ???

The month of September won’t be one that lives long in Google’s memory when it comes to providing its international customer base with problem-free services.

Moreover, prominent California-base titan is presently suffering the embarrassment of yet another untimely failure connected to its popular Gmail platform.

Going down on Thursday and requiring around three hours to fully resolve, this latest outage marks the second time in the last three weeks that Google’s online e-mail service has been hamstrung by an abrupt operational hiccup.

“A problem with Google Contacts cause many Gmail users to experience slowness and degraded service for about an hour today,” explained Google in an official statement regarding the problem.

“Mail was back to full speed for everyone around 8 am Pacific and the issue affecting Contacts was resolved shortly after. We’re sorry for the inconvenience,” the search giant added.

Ten of millions of Gmail account holders were similarly affected by a sudden outage earlier this month when Google’s routers unexpectedly sagged beneath the weight of diverted traffic during a supposedly routine server upgrade.