Thursday, July 26, 2012

Google adds a 34 Button Virtual Calculator

Many of us use the Google search bar for uses far beyond the usual search for Web pages - for weather information, stock quotes, time in a particular city, sports scores, unit conversion, quick calculations and more. Google has now added a 34-button visual tool to simplify our use of the search engine as a handy calculation tool.

Google's Old way to get calculations done.
To fire up Google's new 34-button virtual calculator with scientific functions, type 'calculator' into the search box. This new Google feature is available across most browsers (both web and mobile).
The virtual Google calculator will also appear if we type in a calculation - say '13*6' - into the search box and can also be used for more complex calculation needs such as '25*39+(sqrt 10)^3'.
Google Calculator with 34 button.

Google's calculator function is nothing new, but the new 34-button virtual scientific calculator is.
Google keeps on adding new features to its search. An important recent addition to Google's search includes Knowledge Graph that instantly displays information that is relevant to a search query.
As the scope of Google search stretches wide, Google has introduced Power Searching with Google, a free, online, community-based course that showcases Google's search techniques and teaches users to solve everyday problems via Google search.