Monday, June 28, 2010

Microsoft Student Partner selection 2010



Hello Folks,

                This post goes to all my readers, followers, friends, well wishers and fellow audience. The long wait is over, the selection process for Microsoft Student Partners for the academic Year 2010 has begun. Now, you can enrol yourself for the Selection Process via this link. I’ll be updating this post will all the details of selection soon. The next step will be dispatched by July 12th,2010.

               If you are passionate about technology and looking for a unique opportunity to share that talent, we are looking for you! Motivated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree students specializing in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths or Design who will graduate after May 2011 are invited to apply for the Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Program.

               Checkout for more details.  I would be happy to refer few of you people who are really willing to work with and excel in their life with the help of Microsoft. Incase you wanna get referred indicate “S SathyaNarayanan” as name and as mail ID referred by. Please note that “This does not guarantee your selection”. You’ll be scrutinised before being referred by the User Group (if you are in TamilNadu), before being referred to Microsoft directly’ i’ve been insisting everyone who attended my sessions to create a blog and be active with it. If you had followed those instructions, it would add emphasis to the selection.

                PN: Microsoft India Acad Team has released a FAQ to the Candidates who are applying for the MSP Program this year.

 Update as on16th July, 2010:

I hope most of the candidates who applied for the MSP Program have received their first mail containing a MSP Selection Hand Book which can be downloaded here by clicking on the below icon/link.

All instructions have been clearly drafted with few FAQs too… Please feel free to contact me or for more information.


A Dummies Instruction:

If you were unable to fillup the form yourself, i’m sorry to say that you are not fit to be a MSP. If you still wish to become a MSP and you have the guts to prove yourself, follow this.

Open the Application form via this link.

1. Enter your First Name. Refer your LKG Notes for it.

2. Enter your Last Name:  Request your mom for more info regarding this.

3. Gender: Please look down (at the choices).

4. Landline: See your last 2 month`s unpaid bills.

5. Mobile Number: Please don’t give fake numbers like that of your academic habit.

6. Full name of Existing MSP: S SathyaNarayanan

7. Stud-part Email ID:

8. Your Email ID:  Create one, if you don’t have.

9. STC: Enter it as ‘SKASC~TechClubs, if you are a student of Sri Krishna Arts and Science College, else leave it blank or enter N/A.

10. Blog URL: Create one if you don’t have.

11. Type of Course: Choose any.

12. College Full Name: copy it from your ID Card/Diary.

13. College City: Check for the latest theft in Daily New Paper. 

14. College State: Enter the state.

15. Branch: Select which ever is applicable.

16. CGPA/Percentage: Enter a valid one.

17. Expected year of Graduation: Choose a valid year. 

18. Statement of Purpose: Write from your heart, if you feel you are qualified for it. Just give it a try, no harm.

19. How did you hear: Choose any !

                  Please click on Finish and wait for the page to redirect and give you a confirmation as submitted. Don’t expect a mail to be dropped from Microsoft for this.  If you are using my referral ID please drop me a mail with your resume and info.


            Many people have been calling me with more eagerness to join this program. I’m happy to witness lots of people willing to join this MSP Program. Before filing the form i would like to emphasis on the Create of  Blog and be active on it, please make some 2 or 3 posts which are of OWN CREATION. Do not Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V from other blogs, its of no use. That blog may be of any interest related to Computer and IT Field.  


Video Uploads:

           Microsoft had been having some different ways to strategically select MSPs each year which were never to be redundant. This year the India Acad Team has planned for two Video uploads and then a online quiz which is an mandatory perspective to get selected as an Microsoft Student Partner.

As for this year selection process for 2010 – 2011, the requisites are as follows based on criterions:-

· Communication: Candidates have to submit short tech video (3-4 min; .wmv format) showing them speaking on a current Microsoft technology. More details will be announced later.

· Leadership- Candidates have to submit short video (3-4 min; .wmv format) of any person in their community who they consider to be a leader or any leadership activity the candidate has undertaken. More details will be announced later.

· Technical: participate in an online technical quiz. More details will be announced later.

· Please note that all the steps are compulsory.