Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Windows Live Wave 4

Its always good to be a Developer than being a User of an software Developed by any firm. But now the lines have changed and goes like this “Its good to be a Pirate than a Dev :P”. Its crazy to see that the Windows Live Wave 4 has been released off to the Public {in corporate terms “Leaked”} by some Dev, even before an Employee could have an hand on it.  Windows Live Wave has been released now on the Net and i would like to share the links, so that it can be a eye-candy stuff for you. You will sure like the Windows Live Messenger, as it has the immense look of that Windows Mobile 7 Series as well as to that of Zune HD.
Go Ahead and try these piece of hot chocolates, You will need to patch the file because only Employees of Microsoft has the Authentication to login to the New Messenger [I’m IN]. I’m awaiting the patches for remaining sets, will update as and when I get those. Till then rejoice with this leak.
Install WLW4 (link-1) and then install the patch (link-2) for Windows Live Messenger to unlock full functionality!
Disclaimer: Use it on your own risk! 
For more information, visit- http://windowslivepreview.com/messenger/