Saturday, December 19, 2009

Windows 7 Session by Mr.Mark D'Souza @ SKASC ! ! !

It was a warm morning around 07.30 with the chillness of 200 ton A/C breezing out the seminar hall with 10 girls making their Rangooli  and 4 boys helping me out with the arrangements for the session. Got a call from Mr.Mark stating that he was ready for the session and was to move for our college in another 30 minutes. The session was to start by 10:00 and he was here by 9:30, we managed to get him to our Dept and take some small rest there. Meanwhile, we got ready with our Rangooli Kolam  of Windows LOGO ! It was a work of 3 Hrs, but really awesome one. Everyone in our College liked that.

The session began with the blessing of god, the prayer by our department choir, then the crowd was welcomed, The chief guest of the day Mr.Mark D.Souza was welcomed by our College Principal Dr.K.Sundararaman, for which he gave a 40 min speech for the students, Mr.Mark Sir took over the session.

He started with a loud voice of Hello everyone., and said about his opinion over our college then moved into the session.

The main idea was to deliver the features of Windows 7 & SQL Servers. It was a interactive session wherein students got opportunity to raise-up questions and get clarified. Various concepts such as virtualization, cloud computing were discussed. The session included the inauguration of SKASC~TechClubs, which will encourage the students to get themselves into the IT Field with an ease by the way of interaction.

The Vote of thanks was then proposed as a concluding note. With the salute and tribute to the nation, the function ended with National Anthem.

That was not the last, we had a photo snap before the Windows LOGO and sure he liked it.

 Snap with Mr.Mark D'souza
After which he had a lunch at our canteen and talked a lot about Microsoft & its current ventures... Got a lot of info from him. He got off from ma college around 1:30 and i too moved back to home. I had something tingling in the mind and eventually i came back to my college and took a snap before that Rangooli & went merrily back to ma house and that was the happy end of the day.      
Snap with Mr.Mark D'Souza
I would like to thank Mr.Mark D'Souza for visit our college which gained me more reputation and last but not the least i would like to thank Mr.Hilbert who was fundamental in organizing this session and made it a grand success in my college.